4 Most Common Sports Injuries

Playing a sport never comes without its dangers, whether that be injuries or muscle aches. When participating in any type of exercise, it is important to keep good form and watch out for anything that can cause damage to yourself or others. Even when taking all the necessary precautions, accidents are still likely to occur, which is why sports therapy highland ranch is there for any injured individuals in need of healing. Below we will discuss the 4 most common injuries from sports and how they impact you.

Hip Flexor Strain

Sports that involve sudden movements or changes in direction, like martial arts and soccer, are likely to cause hip flexor strains. There is often pain and swelling where the hip meets the leg. It is recommended to get plenty of rest and use ice on the affected area.

ACL Tear

A sudden stop or change in direction can cause a tear in the ACL. This is the anterior cruciate ligament, which helps us maintain functioning of the leg and foot. Surgery is required for an ACL injury, so do not think ice can help with this.


Concussions occur when a significant hit has been taken to the brain. Individuals with concussions often experience nausea, dizziness, confusion, disorientation, headaches, and many other symptoms. Sports like hockey, football, and boxing often result in this type of injury, so be careful when participating in these sports.

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Patellofemoral Syndrome

Knee injuries are extremely common in individuals that play sports. The kneecap constantly moves against the leg bone, leading to damage in the tissues in the knee and causing pain. Swimming, football, cycling, and other sports can cause the wearing own of tissues in the knee and aggravate this condition.

Sports do not come without risks, but if you play safely then a good time is always guaranteed. Sports therapists make life easier by providing the healing and care athletes need to continue on in life and their career.