5 Facts About the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission

Individuals and businesses that sell or serve alcoholic beverages in the state of Texas must be licensed by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. Obtaining this license is something adults 18-up can do once they’ve successfully completed a knowledge test that ensures the safe sell and serve of alcoholic beverages. There are many more important bits of information that you should know concerning the TABC permit. A few important facts are listed below.

TABC permit

1- Keeps You Safe

The license granted by the TABC keeps you safe. There are fines implemented for those who sell alcohol to those without proper identification, who are under 21, and even those who are overly impaired. The license keeps you safe and ensures these incidents do not occur.

2- There is a Fee

Anyone that wishes to get their TABC license must pay a fee to take the test and a fee for their certificate. This fee varies from year to year so check with the commission ahead of time to learn the costs.

3- TABC Handles Complaints

The TABC handles complaints that the community may have with a company or an individual that has their license. You can file a complaint online or by telephone.

4- Online Prep

Before sitting for the TABC test, it is encouraged to study for the test ahead of time.  It is possible to find online prep courses to aid in the training that you need to successfully complete the testing.

5- TABC Works With the Community

The TABC is constantly working with law enforcement officials and others in the state to keep alcohol accidents and deaths to a minimum if there are any at all. They take several initiatives to ensure the safety of everyone in the state.